Lower wages are bad for Dundee's economy - Kevin Keenan 

26 November 2012

Lower wages are bad for the Dundee economy, said Kevin Keenan, Labour group leader on Dundee City Council.

He was responding to the publication of official figures showing that Dundee was at or very near the bottom for pay when compared with other areas of Scotland.

Councillor Keenan said,

“ Dundee has a very skilled workforce, but they are not all using these skills to their full potential.

Lower wages are bad for Dundee’s economy.

“They reduce the money spent in local shops, and on local firms and services , particularly amongst small private sector businesses, putting jobs there at risk.

“ The Scottish Government needs to produce more than a ‘Memorandum of Understanding ‘on jobs for Dundee containing the First Minister’s signature .

“This is a poor compensation for good, well-paid jobs. "

The Office of National Statistics has compiled data from across Scotland on the median ( middle of the range) gross annual pay for those in full time employment

Dundee was found to be second lowest in Scotland . Only Dumfries & Galloway is lower.

For males in full-time employment, Dundee is in lowest place.

For women in full-time employment, only Dumfries & Galloway , Moray and Clackmannanshire are lower .

(Complete figures were not recorded for both Orkney and Shetland)

2012 figures from the Office of National Statistics

for all full-time employees

for male full-time employees

for female full-time employees

Link :  Lesley Brennan : Gender Pay Differences in Dundee -and beyond

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