Dundee City Council Budget and its Double Standards

Kevin Keenan

28 February 2013

Are the SNP suggesting the UK Goverment is too generous?

Less than one year ago Ken Guild, leader of the council and many fellow councillors and election candidates for the council, were joined by SNP MP Stewart Hosie and SNP MSP Joe Fitzpatrick collecting signatures in support of action on fairer fuel prices.

Their efforts on this were to be commended as they were in response to the wider regionally run campaign by the "Courier".

No doubt any city council employees who signed the petition presented by the SNP and who have now seen their mileage allowance cut from Inland Revenue rate of 45p to 25p mile will be questioning the SNP and their double standards.

Joe Fitzpatrick reported as being overwhelmed with the public response said "rising fuel prices puts up the cost of living across society".

John Sweeney said, "Scotland now has the highest diesel prices in the European Union".

Shona Robison said, "Fairer fuel prices is a real issue for every household budget".

With all this genuine concern shown from the SNP's leading lights, why did the SNP council here in Dundee cut the staff mileage allowance?

This is the first time in the independence debate when the SNP are suggesting that the UK government is too generous with its allowance to the Scottish workforce.

The SNP try to pass the blame for everything to the UK Goverment without shouldering any responsibility for political choices they have and continue to make.

Employees of the Council have had no wage increase for over two years.

Did the SNP Councillors take this into account when they set their budget, along with the above words from John Swinney, Joe Fitzpatrick and Shona Robison?

Here is an illustration that I consider shows the actual cost for our employees if they continue to use their own cars:- 

New rate (4 mile = £1) from using the internet fuel price calculator, a 4 mile trip with a vehicle delivering 30 mpg and fuel cost of £137.8 per /litre =   Full cost of trip  £0.84p

The remaining £0.16p has to cover :-

·         The cost of travel and time to refuel  

·         Extra insurance cost for business use cover

·         Road fund licence contribution

·         Vehicle wear and tear

·         Note :- (no fuel price escalator has been built into this council policy)

The Labour Group consider that this cut will lead to considerable inefficiencies in travel time by people using public transport or walking. 


It is regrettable the SNP administration have decided to break-away from nationally agreed terms and conditions of employment.


This is the same administration that has purchased a larger vehicle so more councillors can be chauffeur driven at any one time.


The Labour Group are also advised that Administration councillors have been undergoing training to self drive the electric vehicles - looks like our employees could be out of pocket but not the SNP Councillors.




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