Dundee City Council and the Bedroom Tax : Statement on the SNP administration's policy on evictions  

29 March 2013

I wish to express my concern regarding the misconception regarding the reported 'no eviction' policy of the SNP Administration on Dundee City Council.

I wish to highlight to tenants, who are facing a reduction in housing benefit due to the  'Bedroom Tax', that the SNP policy will not protect them from eviction.

I am deeply concerned that tenants who are to be affected will only see the headline “No Eviction” giving little regard to the small print.  

The SNP policy suggests an eight month protection against eviction, on the assumption that the tenant is doing all they reasonably can do to make payment and stop themselves falling into rent arrears.   

It should be noted that the Council will use all the legitimate means to collect rent “which may mean legal action short of eviction.” 

There must be clarification in respect to this policy.   

Everyone must know how the policy is to be implemented, some definition of the phrase “all they reasonably can do” must be issued so no tenant is misled. 

The Labour Group consider it to be fairer for the Scottish Government to amend the Scottish Housing Regulations making it illegal for tenants in Scotland to be evicted by reason of the extra bedroom tax that the Westminster Government has imposed. 

This would protect more than just Council tenants but others who are affected like those who rent from a housing association. 

Devolution was designed for times like this, and the Scottish Government needs to step up to the challenge.


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