Vacant And Derelict Land Progamme

29 November 2013

I am seeking clarification from the Director of City Development seeking on the criteria that needs to be met to qualify for a spend from the Vacant & Derelict Land Fund which is currently available to Dundee.

I note that the proposed schedule looks to create a civic space/car park in Shore Terrace.

I don’t think anyone in the city would consider this to be an area that would be deemed “vacant and derelict” whilst in the Strathmartine area, for years as a Councillor, I have been pursing some level of action to be taken to address the vacant and derelict site at Claverhouse/Oban Terrace/North of Balgowan Avenue formerly owned by Council.

Having accepted a large capital receipt, they seem to be reluctant to take any action to tidy the area up.

Individuals in the area consider the pathway to be a danger as the embankments are so overgrown, people would not be seen and they look for Council to address this.

In the past, through the Local Community Planning Partnership, we have tried to resolve this problem.

However to date, without success, surely the Vacant and Derelict Land Fund should be tackling areas such as that in Claverhouse to address the fears of local residents and remove a blot from the landscape until such time as the area is fully developed.




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