Greater Focus and Commitment required for Economic Growth in Dundee

30 August 2012


With all the financial indicators looking very gloomy, it's time for Dundee City Council to boost the local economy. 

The current SNP Administration can't afford to just sit back in the hope that things get better on their own .  

As a City, Dundee must be bold and innovative if we are to leaver in private sector investment. 

Dundee City Council has powers and resources to drive the City's economy forward.  

The council has the ability to borrow funds at very competitive rates and this, if used effectively, could enable a great deal more economic activity here in Dundee.

We have to demonstrate that we are open for business and although we have enterprise status in Dundee, we are competing for inward investment alongside a large number of other enterprise zones, so the enterprise status alone is not giving Dundee the competitive edge we had hoped for.

Council need to consider putting in the direct capital investment that will attract jobs. 

The investment could be pitched across different business sectors, with all investments designed to maximise economic stability and growth here in Dundee.

On the small scale, Council should adopt or enable a start up business/energy cooperative that would exploit the benefits of collective energy purchasing.

This is a perfect time following the recent announcement by SSE to increase its energy cost by 9%

Lowering our energy bills, may free up some of our household budgets and in turn, this may help  stimulate activity in our City's retail sector.

Being adventurous, the business plan backed by Government and Scottish Enterprise for the Waterfront development was to attract financial sector jobs and with this in mind the Council should act speculatively and build the first office block to rent, taking the opportunity to show investors we are a confident as a City.

Renewable energy is a business sector where we look to be competing with an endless number of locations from across the UK.   

So what extra financial incentives can our Council provide that helps deliver for Dundee?   

We could build the offices and workshops, infrastructure investment will deliver jobs to the construction industry so let's invest and "Change Our Future"

Dundee City Council needs to get the City's economy moving.  We need to attract long term jobs and employment.

Greater focus must be placed on our City's economic future and our citizens have to be confident that every contract awarded by Council delivers local employment.


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