Huge fall in value of Dundee Council no change revenue allocation

30 December 2011

While Dundee City Council’s revenue allocations from the Scottish Government in each of the next three years remain virtually the same , in real terms , they mean significant reductions.

The current allocation to Dundee City Council for 2011-12 has been £317 million.

The future allocations are ( in £ millions)

2012-13 £316 million

2013-14 £318.04 million

2014-15 £318.22 million

Below are these allocations expressed in real terms at 2011-12 prices, (using Treasury Gross Domestic Product deflators ).

These are shown in bold brackets for each allocation.

2011-12 £317 million (£317 million )

2012-13 £316 million (£308 million.)

2013-14 £318 million ( £302 million.)

2014-15 £318 million ( £294 million.)


Commenting on the figures, Councillor Kevin Keenan, Labour group leader on Dundee City Council , said :

"These figures show how unfairly councils have been treated by the Scottish Government to pay for its 5-year council tax freeze that it has never fully funded.

"The Scottish Government is demanding the impossible from councils.

"It orders councils to maintain vital public services, while slashing their budgets with deep cuts at the same time.

" For its loyal council supporters to suggest otherwise is to misrepresent the position of councils that, through no fault of their own, have been forced to carry out cuts to their important services."



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