Revealed : The 22 Dundee Schools Which Will Lose their Early Years Practitioners in Proposed Budget Cuts  

Laurie Bidwell

2 February 2014 

The Head of Primary Education in Dundee has confirmed that the following 22 Primary Schools in Dundee will lose their Early Years Practitioners (EYPs) as proposed by the SNP administration of the Council. 

These staff will be removed from every one of of these schools in the proposed budget cuts for the year April 2014-March 2015.

These twenty two schools were previously chosen for these appointments on the basis of the challenge that many of their pupils experience in their learning.

I think parents and carers whose children have a reading or maths group taken by an EYP will want to know how that work will be covered once their valued knowledge and skills are removed. 

Despite claims to the contrary by members of the Council Administration, these cuts will clearly reduce front line services in each of these schools:

1.       Ardler

2.       Craigowl

3.       Sidlaw View

4.       St Andrew's

5.       St Fergus

6.       Ballumbie

7.       Fintry

8.       Longhaugh

9.       St Luke's and St Matthew's

10.     Rowantree

11.     Claypotts Castle

12.     St Vincent’s

13.     Camperdown

14.     Gowriehill

15.     St Clement’s

16.     St Mary’s

17.     Ancrum

18.     Dens Road

19.     Rosebank

20.     St Peter and St Paul

21.     Clepington

22.     Our Lady’s

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