Cedar Road and Forthill Road Flooding

Laurie Bidwell

2 November 2014

Unfortunately flooding at the junction of Forthill Road and Cedar Road in Broughty Ferry happens around a dozen times a year.

In addition to the hazard the flood creates, especially for pedestrians, the murky water contains an unhealthy mixture of sewage and rainwater.

When the water level eventually subsides, there is a disgusting residue of sewage on the ground.

I have received complaints on behalf of the owners of properties in Cedar Road and Seafield Lane.

These include penetrating damp into the stonework of a house built into a boundary wall, water damage to a driveway and sewage residues deposited on garden ground as well as the unpleasant experience of travelling up and down a polluted roadway and footpaths.

While Scottish Water organize a clean up of the mess when notified, they explain that they have no current plans to increase the capacity of the drainage system to cope with heavy downpours.

They repeatedly say that their current investment plans focus on other priorities which are set by Ministers in the Scottish Government.

I think it's time that Shona Robison, our MSP for Dundee City East and a Minister in that Scottish Government, used her influence to get these investment plans modified.

There must be many other locations in other parts of the city and elsewhere which have similar problems that need some investment to sort them out.

Until then, with climate change, flooding incidents at this junction will be more numerous.

I think it's unacceptable that residents have to put up with an inadequate drainage system.




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