Another Exam Shambles with SQA Exam Results Leaking Out 6 Days Early


3 August 2012 

Councillor Laurie Bidwell, Labour’s Education Spokesperson in the City.

"This morning it has been revealed that some of the 2012 SQA exam results have been leaked out six days early.

“It has been admitted that a considerable number of pupils with firm offers from the University of St Andrews have been able to log into the University's website yesterday and read their results.

“It is patently unfair that indirectly that some students have access to their results in advance of most students and pupils still waiting for their results until Tuesday.

“While it appears that it is only one of our Universities which have slipped up this time; they are supplied with the results in advance of their going out to students and in confidence, not to be published on a website five days before the results are notified to all the other exam candidates. 

“I think there are questions to be asked of SQA about the basis of and management of their supplying their confidential results to Universities in advance of the date they are made available to the candidates.

“The University of St Andrew's must also answer for their sloppy management of embargoed data.

“This is unfortunately not the first time the exam results have been notified in advance.

“When optional text message notification of results was introduced, those exam candidates that had registered for a text notification received these the day before the results were due to be delivered by post."



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