Health and Safety of Dundee School Buildings

Laurie Bidwell

9 April 2014

Tuesday 1st April, regrettably, a twelve year old pupil at Liberton High School in Edinburgh died from her injuries when a partition wall in the school's PE changing rooms collapsed.

I am pleased to learn that Dundee City Council has already instructed technical staff to inspect equivalent 'modesty walls ' in school changing rooms in our schools.

The last annual report to to the Education Committee on the school buildings in Dundee focused on sufficiency of school places and the overall condition of each school building.

It reported a generally improving position as new schools were replacing old.

But the tragic death of pupil Keane Wallis-Bennett in Edinburgh shows how we can't afford to be complacent.

I have written to the Convener and Director of Education requesting that the council do a wider health and safety double check of school buildings in Dundee especially in those education premises due for replacement.

It has been reported that the partition wall that collapsed at Liberton High School had been previously noticed and commented on by pupils.

In addition, I have asked for reassurance that staff and pupil observations of health and safety hazards in our schools are properly reported, logged, inspected and acted on.

When the schools go back after the Spring holidays on Monday 14 April, parents and carers have a right to expect that their children will be returning to a school environment that is not hazardous nor potentially injurious.


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