"Alarming" Education Cuts

12 November 2014

Councillor Laurie Bidwell, Labour's Education Spokesperson in Dundee, has commented on the evidence given to the Education and Culture Committee of the Scottish Parliament about Education Cuts as a result of the Draft Budget 2015/16


He said, 


"At the Education and Culture Committee of the Scottish Parliament yesterday, the Committee was considering written and verbal evidence about the effects of the Scottish Government's draft budget 2015/16 and the effects of its projected grant reductions to local councils for our Schools in the next financial year.


“Parents and carers in Dundee will be concerned to hear the range of potential remedies that were submitted to the parliamentary committee for consideration including putting off entry to primary school from five to age six. 


“As the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES) explained in their written submission, the scope for local discretion in spending is constrained by law and regulations such as those governing class sizes and teacher hours.


“As ADES concluded in their evidence:


"it is difficult to see how the impact of further savings will not be direct and significant, affecting directly the experience of :


1) frontline staff delivering services; 2) frontline service delivery itself; and 3) at least some children, parents and families."


"This is very alarming given the current issues already evident in our schools.


"For example, the dire shortage of supply teachers to cover teacher absences is already putting extra pressure on their teachers colleagues who are covering their classes and other duties.


"Whatever the SNP group running our Council bring forward, I shall be standing up with my Labour colleagues for offering the best we can for children in our nursery and school classrooms right now, bearing in mind each child only has one one shot and its our duty to try to ensure that what our schools offer is the best that it can be."



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