Fair Fares Please for Broughty Ferry Trains  







12 October 2012

Recent publicity about the Tay Train Tax has highlighted the complexity and unfairness of the train fares from Dundee to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

But there are some other unjustified differences in local train fares. 

As a Ferry Councillor, I am concerned about complaints from rail passengers from Broughty Ferry who report other unjustified and unfair anomalies.

One I double checked on Scotrail's website earlier this week is the difference in the cost of an advanced single taking the 
16:03 Aberdeen train either to Dundee or Broughty Ferry.

As the journey south as far as The Ferry is slightly shorter, one might expect the fare would be a bit less or the same cost.

It was disappointing to find that the slightly shorter train journey on the same train service is significantly more expensive.

Advance Single specified train only
16:03 Aberdeen - Dundee             £ 6.60
Advance Single specified train only 16:03 Aberdeen - Broughty Ferry £10:80

The £
4:20 difference is clearly unfair and unjustified.

Of course the savvy train traveller who regularly uses this route will be inclined to buy a ticket to
Dundee and just alight one stop early.

This may however have the effect of not crediting Broughty Ferry with a passenger whose journey accrues to Dundee instead.

I would be interested to hear from passengers about any other such pricing issues on train fares to and from Broughty Ferry. ( laurie.bidwell@dundeecity.gov.uk )