SNP Education Cuts in Dundee Reveal Shocking Abandonment of Class Size Reductions in Primary and Secondary Schools

Laurie Bidwell

16 January 2013


In the latest round of Education Cuts in Dundee, the SNP Administration are proposing to remove smaller class sizes in Primary One classes where previously introduced in the City Primary Schools.

This is an shameful abandonment of their local and national promises to voters to introduce a maximum class size of 18 in Primary 1-3 classes.

This will be very disappointing for parents and carers whose children are coming up to P1 in the schools where this had been introduced. 

They are also proposing to abandon the universal provision of smaller class sizes - a maximum of twenty - for Maths and English in S1 and S2.

In a divisive move, they are proposing to remove this from five of the nine secondary schools in Dundee apparently having regard to the Fairness Strategy.

I think many parents will think this will be rough justice if this applies to their children in their Secondary School.

I am sure there will be immediate demands in the city by parents, carers and teachers to know which schools this will apply to and what effect it will have on teaching and learning in Maths and English for children in those schools. 

It seems that so many of Labour's steady improvements to the staffing levels in our schools are being carelessly removed by the SNP's successive cuts in Education in Dundee. 

Although we were told in a Committee paper only last night that, as part of the local government settlement between the Scottish Government and Local Councils, we had to to maintain teacher numbers, here we are again seeing further cuts in teacher numbers with up to thirty more posts disappearing this year."