Call for Broughty Ferry Station to be Upgraded

Laurie Bidwell

16 April 2014

I have called for the Broughty Ferry rail station to be upgraded, which will include the provision of an hourly service to Glasgow, as part of the new ScotRail franchise for which the Scottish Government is seeking bids.

I believe that this  stopping service should be a condition in the specification for the new ScotRail franchise.

However, it seems that it will still be down to the special pleading of TACTRAN if this is to be accomplished.

“An important issue of equality of access remains at the station, and this is a matter that Network Rail must deal with.

In a nutshell, the platform has been set too low for modern trains.

This means that it is a really big step up to board the train and a big drop down when you are alighting from it. This is a real issue for people with mobility diffculties and a reason why these folk would really struggle if they hadn't realised what they would need to contend with.

To their credit, First ScotRail have attempted to resolve this through sets of wooden steps that are avaiable on the platforms, but this has appeared to be an improvised response, which doesn’t work when trains are not of a consistent length.

There have also been concerns expressed about the back draft from the East Coast Mainline trains that travel through the station at speeds close to 100mph, resulting in the steps  being blown onto the track.

 It appears that this matter has been settled at other stations by the construction of a raised section of platform.

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