Commenting on the Proposed Closure of Menzieshill High School

16 November 2014

Laurie Bidwell

It is very disappointing news that the SNP Administration of the Council are proposing to close Menzieshill High School as part of the Review of the School Estate.

"Pupils, parents and staff will be wondering why their secondary school has been allowed to wither on the vine as the school roll reduced over recent years.

"It was a missed opportunity that the catchment area of the school has not been extended to increase the potential pupil numbers.

"For example, the Western Gateway area is currently in the catchment area for Baldragon Academy when Menzieshill High School is much closer in distance.

"There are many questions to be answered about this proposal with very flimsy details in the Education Committee Report.

"It surely needs more than two brief paragraphs to justify the closure of one of our Secondary Schools?"

"Before the meeting of the Education Committee in ten days time, my Labour Group colleagues and I will want to consult with Head Teachers, parents and carers in the schools together with the relevant trade unions affected by the closure of Menzieshill High School and the other schools affected by the wider proposals in the Schools' Estate Review."

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