Shortage of Places at Dundee College

18 September 2012

Figures released recently by Dundee College demonstrate a significant shortfall between the number of places at the College and the number of applicants.

At the same tine that youth unemployment is at record levels in our city, we can see that a place at Dundee College is also subject to stiff competition; 8932 applicants chasing 3812 places.

Dundee College

Number of applications - 19,087

Numbers of individuals applying - 8,932
(note : many applicants apply for more than one course)

Number of places - 3,812

(figures supplied by Dundee College)

It must be very disheartening to get knock backs from employers and then find you are also rebuffed when you try to improve your qualifications at college because there is such a shortage of places.

In the last two years the Scottish Government has cut the teaching budgets of Further Education Colleges by 10% each year with two more years of similar cuts scheduled.

That has led to the number of College lecturing staff being reduced by more than 1800 across Scotland.

This reduction in staff reduces the capacity of Colleges to provide places.

It means that too many young people who want to get the qualifications that would help them into jobs are being denied the chance.

In a recession, we need to invest more not less in training and education so that when the upturn comes we have adults ready and well qualified to take their place in the workplaces that are expanding.

We must not give up on our school leavers and aspiring adult learners.

 I hope the Scottish Government reverse their cuts in the budgets of further education colleges and pay for more places.

We can't afford another lost generation.