Were Junction Improvements on Broughty Ferry Road a Good Investment?

Laurie Bidwell

21 October 2013


Drivers heading from The Ferry to the Dundee City centre must wonder for whom the new right turn on Broughty Ferry Road was introduced?

This new turn with filter traffic lights leads onto Greendykes Road leading up to the Kingsway at the 'Scott-Fyffe' roundabout.

It seems it's a junction where few drivers travelling west choose to use the new opportunity to turn right at the lights.

It wouldn't be such an issue if the bill for the junction 'upgrading' had not been so substantial.

The upgrading of the road and junction was part of a £2+ million contract to upgrade the bridge into the docks at the Stannergate and improve links to the Kingsway for new green energy manufacturing.

This was approved, with rather scant detail, at the City Development Committtee on 27 June 2011.

Significantly, when wind turbines were recently landed at Dundee Port and transportation arranged to Aberdeenshire, new direct lanes were engineered straight through the middle of the Stannergate roundabout for the articulated trucks to go directly up Strips of Craigie Drive.

So much for the new enhanced junction on Broughty Ferry Road; it’s dog leg corner which would clearly defeat lesser loads negotiating the corner.

I now have doubts about whether this part of the contract was a wise investment of public funds.