The Proposed Thirty Three Period Week in Secondary Schools in Dundee

Laurie Bidwell

22 September 2011

(Commenting on the item before the Education Committee of the City Council on Monday 26 September 2011, Consultation on the Implementation of the Thirty Three Period Week in Secondary School)

I think a proposal that would lead to a change in the the start and finish time of the school day in all nine of our Secondary Schools will be of great interest to pupils and their teachers as well parents and carers.

In fact parents' and carers' first thoughts may be about the potential inconvenience of juggling working hours and out of school care and getting used to earlier finish times on two afternoons a week.

I think we will all want to be convinced that the disruption from this change will have a worthwhile educational benefit.

I met the Director of Education on Tuesday morning and gave him notice that at the Education Committee on Monday night I will have some questions for him about identifying the benefits and potential drawbacks of the proposed new timetable and its possible effect for good or bad on teaching and learning in our secondary schools.

I note that this is a proposal at this stage.

The Director of Education is asking approval to go out for consultation throughout the Autumn with a report coming back to the Education Committee early next year.

On Monday night, I shall also be proposing that we widen the consultation net.

While I welcome the planned involvement of the City Wide Pupil Council, I think it would be unduly restrictive to exclude the voices of our 6000+ Secondary School pupils as well.

I shall also propose the addition of a online survey for parents and carers.

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