It's Confirmed : Grove, Harris, Morgan, Menzieshill and St John's will have larger classes in English and Maths in S1-S2 from August

Laurie Bidwell

21 January 2013

In Budget papers issued by the Council on Thursday, the Education Director clarified that the five secondary schools in Dundee which will have larger classes in English and Maths in S1-S2 will be:


·  Grove Academy

·  Harris Academy

·  Morgan Academy

·  Menzieshill High School

·  St John's RC High School

In these five schools S1 and S2 Maths and English classes will increase up to a maximum of 33.


This would represent a 65% increase in class sizes for these subjects.


I think parents and carers in the city whose children are will be in S1 and S2 at these secondary schools will want to know how this significant increase in class sizes will affect their child's learning and attainment in these core subjects.


The four secondary schools maintaining average class sizes of 20 in English and Maths S1-S2 will be:


·  Baldragon Academy

·  Braeview Academy

·  Craigie High School

·  St Paul’s RC Academy

Significantly, the Director of Education's paper to Monday's Education Committee, 'Education Department Standards and Quality', makes no case for such a change nor provides the school by school statistics on examination passes that might support a rationale for four of our secondary schools retaining smaller classes and five secondary schools losing theirs. 


Finally, I think parents and carers will wonder why this damaging proposal on class size increases in our Secondary Schools is not to be referred to the Education Committee on Monday night when Councillors will be joined by additional members representing Parents. Teachers and senior Pupils.


It's hard not to think that the SNP led administration are trying to mask their abandonment of their commitment to smaller class sizes in our schools and don't think they could win the argument at the Education Committee."




Link to Agenda for Education Committee Monday 28 January 2013