Equal Pay Day

4 November 2014

Tuesday 4th. November -  Equal Pay Day.

This is the point in the calendar when women in full-time employment essentially are working for free for the remainder of the year, because of the pay gap between men and women.

According to the TUC research, the gap is almost £5,000 a year.

The gap has many origins- Low-paid work being predominantly carried out by women, the rise in the number of temporary, insecure, zero-hours jobs ,and the lack of women in senior posts in employment, all of these contribute to the ongoing inequality .

By international standards , the situation is getting worse. 

Equal Pay day comes as the recent World Economic Forum’s annual report on the Global Gender Gap confirm once again that the Nordic nations remain far ahead of the UK in terms of gender equality.

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have assumed the top place rankings while the UK fell down the international table , and dropped out of the top twenty rankings for the first time to 26th. place

The TUC are calling on employers to carry out regular gender pay audits , publish their findings and then take measures to close pay gaps.

They want employers to accept responsibility for conduct regular audits of gender pay concerning how much they pay their staff , make information on pay gaps public, and then proceed to take action to close them.

40 Years on since the introduction of the Equal Pay Act, the gender pay gap persists., and so the campaign to tackle it continues undaunted.