Support for Iain Gray's Bus Regulation Bill

5 December 2014


When I took part in the successful campaign to save the No.36 Bus route in Dundee, I saw just how much people needed a bus service and how hard they campaigned for it.

That’s why I am pleased that Labour MSP Iain Gray’s Private Member’s Bill which aims to provide local authorities with new powers to improve bus services has been given the green light to proceed in the Scottish Parliament.

A previous similar attempt to introduce more regulation over bus transport services by former Labour MSP Charlie Gordon did not advance because it had secured the support of only Labour MSPs.

This time Iain Gray’s Bill has Liberal Democrat support and support from the Greens to allow the Bill to be set in motion.

For many people and their communities buses are a lifeline service.

As things stand, bus operators can cherry-pick routes while the role of the local council is reduced to that of subsidising the services that remain.

The de-regulation of the bus transport service has not benefited the public interest, and it is time that regulation was in place so that communities can have a voice in the provision of bus services for their communities.

Link to Iain Gray’s Bus Regulation (Scotland) Bill May 2013





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