Dundee as a "creative city"

Lesley Brennan

14 December 2012 

Dundee has nourished its reputation for musical talent and success to represent an appealing characteristic of the city and a positive image of it.  

Dundee is not just aspiring to be a city that wins a national award as the UK City of Culture in 2017

The city is using its artistic and cultural potential to regenerate itself as a “creative city” to compete an international economy.

Therefore, we want to promote with confidence this image of Dundee as such a city where its creative industries can become a significant component of  the drive for higher economic growth and jobs

The creative industries in Scotland have an output last estimated worth over £5 billion a year.

That has been greater than the total value of the goods and services produced in Dundee and Angus combined annually in recent years.

Taken further afield and on a much grander scale, in the previous decade New York City’s cultural sector generated an estimated economic impact of $21billlion in a year, associated with 160,000 jobs.

Culture is good for the economy and its success provides the evidence for continuing investment in it. 


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