Save Our Royal Mail : Fears that the Universal Postal Service will Quickly Decline

Lesley Brennan

17 July 2013

The UK Government’s proposed privatisation of Royal Mail is being opposed not only by the Labour Party , trade unions , professional organisations and communities across the country but also by the chair of the Tory Party’s Bow Group, Ben Harris-Quinney

He has set out his reasons in Conservative Home in his article " Royal Mail Privatisation – where is the debate ?

He says,

“ It is likely to be deeply unpopular with the British public, prices will rise at a time we can least afford it, an amenity that many communities consider crucial will be removed and a sell off will also impact on the significant heritage of Royal Mail.

“Privatisation now, carried out in this manner, is likely to swiftly form a poisonous legacy for this Government, and a poisonous legacy for the Conservative Party going forward.

Only recently Ian Senior, a respected independent postal services economist, predicted that the universal postal service (essentially the six day a week collection and delivery service to all UK addresses) will quickly decline and ultimately Royal Mail will disappear.

“Given that the government can only guarantee the current universal service until 2015, privatisation will surely act to hasten that eventuality.”

There may be many other issues that we disagree with him on, but this is one issue where his support is to be welcomed.

Suspicions run deep that the purpose of the privatisation of the Royal Mail is to make a quick sale  to accrue income to plug the hole in the national finances created by George’s discredited , lamented deficit reduction policy.

While the Chancellor’s performance has been a failure, Royal Mail’s performance has been a success – a profit of £403 million in the most recent year period, up from a profit of £150 million in the previous.

Retaining the Royal Mail as a publicly-owned service is central to the principle of the universal postal service and the one-price tariff for anywhere within the UK.


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