Child Poverty in Dundee 

17 October 2014


The number of children living in poverty in Dundee  - 28 per cent  - is a shameful statistic.

The reality of life for these children behind these figures is laid bare by Tory-led Coalition Government policy that has stripped away millions of pounds spent on welfare expenditure which helped the poorest families.

These children are entitled to a future with the same opportunities in life like any other group of children, but poverty puts families under all manner of pressures with some children lacking a proper meal or proper clothing or sleeping in cold homes .

Child poverty does not exist in isolation and it is closely associated with other inequalities that stretch into adult life such as health , income and employment .

The Institute for Fiscal Studies are forecasting that child poverty under the Tory-led Coalition will increase substantially by 2020.

This will cancel out the progress made under the previous Labour Government  which reduced child poverty by 900,000.

This reduction was described by one Guardian commentator as :

" a remarkable achievement, certainly without historical precedent in the UK, and impressive compared with other countries."

Poverty presents major challenges for both individual families and for the larger community.

It is best tackled by government recognition that it is a priority issue, and by getting their parents into jobs that pay well, support for the living wage , and more places at colleges.

The UK's low wage economy means that poverty extends to those in work as well as those out of work.

This is why Labour intends to deal with in-work poverty as well through the creation of an economy that works for those at work.

As Ed Miliband said,

" I want to teach my kids that it is wrong to be idle on benefits, when you can work.

"But I also want to teach them that the people in this country who work 40 or 50 or 60 hours a week, do two or even three jobs, should be able to bring up their families without fear of where the next pound is coming from."


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