Councillors look forward to their "dot Scot" website addresses.

18 July 2014

Councillors Lesley Brennan and Laurie Bidwell are looking forward to the 23rd. September when their website and blog can make use of the brand new Scottish domain of ".scot" which was launched earlier this week ( Tuesday 15th.)

Councillor Brennan who represents the East End ward, and Councillor Bidwell who represents The Ferry ward on Dundee City Council both registered their interest in obtaining the new domain last year.

Councillor Brennan website address would become :

Councillor Bidwell's blog address would become :

Councillor Brennan said,

"The number of Internet addresses has soared to just over over 1 billion.

"So it is essential to have an address that is short and which stands out.

"It is good to have a website address that reflects a Scottish identity.

" In addition, 'dot' and 'scot' is a rhyme that is easy to remember."

Click on the image above to visit the website