Anti- Bullying Week 

18 November 2014

10 years ago this month , Anti-Bullying Week was launched.

The fact that this week marks the tenth annual Anti-Bullying Week since then shows that 10 years later behaviour that takes pleasure in threats, harassment and humiliation sadly persists only too well.

The spread of social media during this period in that time has ensured that for some young people there can never be an escape from the school bullies in the classroom and in the playground in this time of texting and Facebook

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Respectme found that almost 1 in 3 of young people in a survey undertaken for the period in the period from August last year to June 2014 said that they had encountered some form of bullying .

Almost half of those affected experienced the bullying in person.


Bullying in Scotland, summary report 2014

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While Anti-Bullying Week is designed mostly for young people, in the adult world bullying and harassment at work, take its toll of their victims and the organisations and companies they work for.

For the individuals affected it means physical and psychological harm, absence from work, a loss in income and careers that are prevented from developing, and a dismal effect on the quality of family life.

Partnership Information Network in the 2011 report Preventing and Dealing with Bullying and harassment in NHS Scotland quotes estimates (for 2007) that in the UK over 33 million working days were lost through absenteeism linked to bullying.

The financial cost was calculated to be £13.75 billion.

This was subdivided into over £3 billion from time off work, £1.5 billion from the turn-over of employees , and over £9 billion in lost productivity.

Employers have a duty of care for the health and safety of their employees, and both employers and employees have a responsibility to take action when bullying is observed.

Doing nothing is not an option.

Bullying can cost public organisations and private companies money they can ill afford to lose, with corresponding damage to their reputation in the eyes of the public, business associates and potential employees.


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