Dundee shortlisted for UK City of Culture  2017 award and the  ward art project

19 June 2013

 “I am delighted that Dundee has made it to the short list for the award of UK City of Culture 2017 - and deservedly so.

 “Dundee is a fine example of  how a city’s culture and strong local identity can be used to develop its regeneration and create a new sense of confidence and outlook  

“The city is pushing ahead, demonstrating that the arts and culture in Scotland do not stop at Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Dundee’s cultural base and its related digital economy will be vibrant sectors of the city’s future.

 “I am working with a community group in the ward to deliver an innovative transformational change programme using the vehicle of art.   

“This initiative is a practice-based community response to tackling severe poverty and disadvantage. 

“Community art practice has proven to be a valuable means of enabling experiences of art for people living in poverty and experiencing disadvantage.

“It can also offer a pathway to accessing wider arts events and experiences for people who would not necessarily ever be engaged through any other route.

“Evidence shows that people gain real and tangible benefits from working with artists on creative and cultural projects.

“Creativity can transform the aspirations, wellbeing, skills and life chances.

“Learning with artists through the creative process gives people the ability to question, make connections, innovate, problem-solve, communicate, collaborate and reflect critically.

“Developing these skills in life through creative projects enriches the lives while also meeting the requirements of contemporary employers and benefiting the wider economy.”


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