No figures available on staff concerns on NHS Tayside staffing levels

19 November 2014


Lesley Brennan has been informed by NHS Tayside that, unlike the majority of territorial health boards in Scotland, they cannot provide details of the number of times that NHS staff have raised concerns about staffing levels.

Ms Brennan wrote to NHS Tayside asking why the health board was amongst the few in Scotland who were unable to provide details of staff's concerns about shortages when others did.

Those which did provide information included :

NHS Fife

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

NHS Lothian

NHS Grampian

NHS Ayrshire and Arran

NHS Highland

NHS Forth Valley

NHS Lanarkshire

NHS Dumfries and Galloway

In total, across Scotland , staff's concerns about staffing levels were raised over 2,500 times over the latest 12 month period.

Only two other teritorial health boards, Borders, and Orkney , like Tayside could not provide details.

NHS Tayside said that such concerns were addressed and recorded in their DATIX Incident Reporting system.

The information relating to each was recorded and was "not categorised in a way that would allow us to automatically extract statistics such as have been asked for and it would take an extensive manual exercise to access all of the records to ascertain which related to staff concerns. "

Ms Brennan, who is a health economist, said ,

"While health service staff face severe pressure from increasing workload and demand, they are standing up for the NHS by expressing their concerns about them.

"The issues being raised affect the quality of care that is being provided.

"The general public have a right to know how their NHS is coping under these circumstances.

"People in Dundee and Tayside should have the same access to this information as people in Glasgow, Edinburgh , Aberdeen and most other parts of Scotland."

A leaked report two months ago revealed that the SNP Government is planning to make cuts of £450 million in spending on the NHS in Scotland.


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