Welcome for Consultation with Carers

22 April 2014

Lesley Brennan, Dundee City councillor for the East End ward, has welcomed information from the council on consulting people with special needs in the city following the decision by the SNP-led council to change to fortnightly collections of general waste.

Councillor Brennan said,

“I welcome this news from the Council’s Director of Environment on the matter of consultation with carers, and moreover, reviewing the frequency of collections for carers on a case-by-case basis.

“ Carers have expressed their concern to me about the disposal of absorbent hygiene  products (AHPs) such as adult nappies and incontinence pads as well as clinical waste in the form of stoma bags and bottles from feeds that are disposed of in the grey bin.

“They say that they already have more general waste bins than normal, and that these are full by the end of the week. 

“One mother informed me that she has three bins and that she would not have space for any more.  “

Speaking on the decision by the SNP-led council to dismiss pleas to retain the current setup until a consultation had been held with the public in Dundee over the issue of fortnightly collections, she said,  

“There must not be a reduction in the quality of the weekly service.

“In general, while the council says that it recognises that a “ one size fits all” approach is not appropriate, it is implementing one for non-flatted properties.

“Proper consultation should be carried out before implementing this service change.”


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