Rise in female self-employment May Reflect the weak state of the economy

24 April 2013

The number of women in Dundee who are self-employed has risen from 1,500 to 1,900 in the period from January 2010- December 2012 according to official statistics (Office of National Statistics) .

The number of women in employment in Dundee in the same period has fallen from 34,100 to 32,300.

Commenting on the female figures, East End Councillor, Lesley Brennan, who is an economist, said ,

“ In the current economic climate, this rise in female self-employment is more likely to reflect the weak state of the economy rather than a revival in the spirit of enterprise.

“ This would mean that secure work is being replaced by fragmented work , irregular hours  and lower pay.

“It would mean the loss of advantages that employees have such as pensions, sickness pay and paid holidays.

“For all that, good luck to those who are setting out on a new business venture.

“For the others who would prefer to go back to working as an employee,  we need a jobs resurgence for the city.

“ The type of new jobs is important as well.

“ Full-time jobs are the city’s best option to maintain living standards and to help the local economy recover. “

The TUC has expressed fears that “the rise in self-employment could be masking the true extent of unemployment as people previously in work 'go freelance',”

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