wear it pink

Lesley Brennan

24 October 2014

Today, people across the country will join together to find fun and stylish ways to wear pink in the office, at home or at school.

Donations raised by this year’s fashion-inspired event will go to Breast Cancer Campaign to fund life-saving breast cancer research.

This year's theme is to ‘look good, do good’ in support of breast cancer research.

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK.

Around 55,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. 

I want to help raise money for research into this terrible disease and promote greater awareness of it.

This is the reason for supporting the great work of Breast Cancer Campaign to fund research into breast cancer.

Not only does their top-rate research  help to save lives and make life better for others, it also aims to  provide a quicker diagnosis and improved treatment

Survival rates after diagnosis are increasing thanks to better treatments and earlier detection and advances in the scientific knowledge of how  breast cancer develops. 

That is why wear it pink day is an important campaign in the battle against breast cancer. 

There are around 55,000 diagnoses of breast cancer each year in the UK of which about 350 occur amongst men.


Click on the image below to visit the wear it pink website



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