Gender Pay Gap : Dundee figures

25 November 2014


The Latest Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) produced by the Office of National Statistics (for the year up to April 2014) show the gender pay gap continuing ;

Hourly pay - excluding overtime (median value of pay)

Male full-time workers     £12.23            

Female full-time workers £11.65

On this comparison , the gender pay gap is 5 per cent ( the female rate is 95per cent of the male rate.)

Another expression of the gender pay gap is the gap between full-time men and part-time women (because so many women work part time )

Hourly pay - excluding overtime  (median value of pay)

Male full-time workers     £12.23     per hour  

Female part-time workers £8.30 per hour 

Here, the gender pay gap is 32 per cent

Comparing the median values for the gross weekly pay of men and women working full –time in Dundee, the difference in pay is almost £100  - £516.4 for men and £419.9 for women.

Commenting on the figures, Councillor Lesley Brennan, an economist, said :

“The gender pay gap can be attributed to a host of factors.

“Women’s work can be undervalued and therefore lower paid.

“ Women generally carry out the majority of unpaid care for their families which can mean choosing part-time work to balance their work and care commitments.

“ The ‘Motherhood Penalty’ arises from women as mothers missing out on job opportunities, promotion at work and career advancement.

“To help close the gap, low-paid work needs to pay better, and more flexibility is needed in working practices for working mothers. “




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