Dundee City Council Revised Letting Policy Consultation

Lesley Brennan

28 August 2013

Most of my casework is housing and the bulk of these relate to allocations.

Each year in the City, there are approximately 1,300 re-lets.

A friend recently completed a housing needs study in the Isle of Man. 

On the island, ward councillors decide who should be allocated empty properties in their area.

Thankfully, legislation exists in Scotland that prohibits councillors from being involved in these decisions for their ward; however, councillors are permitted to make factual information known to officers and make representations on behalf of constituents.

The Council's letting policy sets out how the majority of social housing lets are allocated in Dundee and how many points households receive based on their needs.

In addition to the points system, Dundee operates four lists: general needs, homeless, demolition and redevelopment, and the choice group.

The general needs list is allocated 25% of vacant properties as is the demolition and redevelopment list.

The homeless list receives 45%.

And the choice group is allocated only 5%. 

People in this group are deemed to be adequately housed and consequently are awarded no points.

This process allows transparency in deciding who ought to be allocated vacant properties.

So, for example, households affected by the bedroom tax that apply for rehousing are added to the general needs list.

If every household affected by bedroom tax (3,300) in Dundee agreed to move and these moves were dealt with only through housing allocations, it could take over 10 years to clear the bedroom tax "backlog", if the level of lets remains constant.

So, if you or anyone you know are affected by the issues in this consultation, please contribute to the discussion.

The consultation closes 16 September 2013.

Here is the link to the documents.



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