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Lesley Brennan  news

January 2015

More powers for the Scotland beyond the Scottish Parliament 

Oil Hype and Underspending

December 2014

Support for Bus Regulation Bill

Dundee UNESCO City of Design

November 2014

Gender Pay Gap – Dundee figures

and at :


No figures on staff concerns on NHS Tayside staffing

Anti-Bullying Week

Behind Last Week's Figures

The Energy Price Freeze

The Living Wage

Supporting USDAW's Respect for Shopworkers Week

Equal Pay Day

October 2014

The Smith Commission

Wear It Pink

Child Poverty in Dundee

September 2014

Removing the Tory Government

July 2014

Household Income across Dundee

Jobs for Dundee : More determination needed from both UK and Scottish Governments

Questions for Nicola Sturgeon on jobs in renewables in Dundee

June 2014

Lesley Brennan : Social Security Changes are Causing Real Hardship

Lesley Brennan : Breastfeeding Rates

Lesley Brennan : Carers


May 2014

Lesley Brennan : Warm Home Discount

Lesley Brennan : Alcohol-related emergency ambulance call outs cost NHS £340,000 in 12 months

Lesley Brennan : Action needed to protect our youngsters from "legal highs"

April 2014

Lesley Brennan : Speech in support of the campaign against the proposals to cut 120 jobs at Dundee University

PDF version of Lesley's speech

Lesley Brennan and Jim McGovern supporting UCU Scotland members in opposition to proposed job cuts at Dundee University. 

Lesley Brennan : Welcome for Carers Consultation 

Lesley Brennan : High Quality, High-Paid Jobs : The Route out of the Cost of Living Crisis

Lesley Brennan : Evidence to House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee in the Impact of the Bedroom Tax in Scotland

March 2014

Lesley Brennan : Calling for a Blue Plaque to Mark the Work of Lily Walker, Dundee Social Reformer

Lesley Brennan : Corporation Tax Cut Consequences

Lesley Brennan : Tackling Inequality 

Lesley Brennan : Keeping the £

February 2014

Lesley Brennan : Courageous Women Coming Forward on Domestic Abuse

Lesley Brennan : The Mills Observatory

Lesley Brennan : The 2015 Mission

Lesley Brennan : Closure of Police Public Counters in Dundee

January 2014

Lesley Brennan : Gender Pay Differences in Dundee

Lesley Brennan : Call to Abolish £1,200 Maternity Tribunal Charge

December 2013

Lesley Brennan : Stress and the NHS

Lesley Brennan : Domestic Abuse Training Session "Valuable"

Lesley Brennan : Dementia - the Rising Cost of Care

Nelson Mandela

Lesley Brennan

Lesley Brennan : Road Safety Measures Needed at Gotterstone -Arbroath Road Junction

November 2013

Lesley Brennan : Referendum : The White Paper - Currency Union and the Currency Disunion within the "Yes" camp

Lesley Brennan and Richard McCready : Debt and Pay Day Loans

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - Big Fiscal Gap Looms for an independent Scotland while Mr Salmond tries to re-define what a "Yes" vote means

Lesley Brennan : Opposing Cuts to Police-Community links - speech in council debate

Lesley Brennan : UK City of Culture 2017 outcome - Dundee will continue to succeed culturally

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - Keeping the £ -No Cast-Iron Guarantee

Lesley Brennan : We cannot afford to ignore the under-used potential of women

Lesley Brennan : 25 Police Service Posts lost in Dundee in the past 6 months

Lesley Brennan : The Consequences of the Gender Pay Gap

Lesley Brennan : Referendum : Mr. Salmond and Mr. Micawber – Something Will Turn Up

October 2013

Lesley Brennan : Energy Price Freeze –The Broken Market

Lesley Brennan, Georgia Cruickshank, Brian Gordon : Opposing Cuts to Police-community links in Dundee

Lesley Brennan : The prime importance of jobs for women and young adults

Lesley Brennan : The Cost of Living Crisis continues

Lesley Brennan : Referendum : The Oil Fund - Behind Closed Doors

September 2013

Lesley Brennan : Wages and Inequality

August 2013

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - No Answers to the Questions Put by the “No” Campaign

Lesley Brennan : Dundee City Council Revised Housing Letting Regulations Consultation

Lesley Brennan - The Economy : The Biblical Tale of the Pharaoh’s Dream

Lesley Brennan : The Economy - Workers set to lose £6,600 by the time of the next election

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - Seeking more powers – to do what ?

Lesley Brennan : A Message from Canada

Lesley Brennan : George Osborne’s Invisible Recovery

July 2013

Lesley Brennan :  Referendum - The Inflatable Oil Figures  And The Claim That They Are Worth £300,000 To Each Of Us

Lesley Brennan : East End Policing Plan

Lesley Brennan : Save Our Royal Mail : Fear that the Universal Postal Service will Quickly Decline

Lesley Brennan : Save Our Royal Mail campaign

Lesley Brennan : Happy 65th. Birthday, NHS!

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - Robert Burns Can't Vote and John Swinney Can't Say

June 2013

Lesley Brennan : Child Poverty in Dundee : The Economic Reasons for Tackling Poverty

Lesley Brennan : Dundee Biomass -speech in the council debate

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same

Dundee UK City of Culture 2017 Bid

Lesley Brennan

Lesley Brennan : Referendum – More problems for Alex Salmond’s economic “vision”

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - The Corporation Tax Cut Race to the Bottom

May 2013

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - Independence : It was all supposed to be so easy.....but then came the questions

Lesley Brennan :  When a £7 billion Scottish deficit means that every Scot is “£824 better off”

Lesley Brennan : More Woe for Mr. Osborne

Lesley Brennan and Kevin Keenan Dundee Unemployment Level : SNP Trying to Discredit Figures published by their own Scottish Government

April 2013

Lesley Brennan : Dismal Unemployment Figures for Dundee

Lesley Brennan : The Rise in Female Self-Employment May Reflect the Weak State of the Economy

Lesley Brennan : George Osborne and the Blunders in a Spreadsheet

Lesley Brennan : Challenging The Misconceptions about Poverty

Lesley Brennan : Welfare Benefit Cuts - Dundee to lose £58 million a year

Lesley Brennan : A Pupil’s Question to a Government Minister to Help Him Answer a Possible Exam Question

Lesley Brennan : Redistribution and Predistribution

Lesley Brennan : Osbornia and the Quarter of A Trillion Pound Man

March 2013

Lesley Brennan : The Cuts : How Dundee will be affected

Lesley Brennan : The Tories carry on as if nothing has gone wrong

Lesley Brennan : Cold Water Poured Over Alex Salmond’s oil boom claim

Lesley Brennan : Last week's oil boom and this week's projected fall in oil revenues

Lesley Brennan : Last week's £28 billion  deficit and this week's oil boom

Lesley Brennan : Rising Concern over Women’s Unemployment

Lesley Brennan : Speech against the Bedroom Tax in council debate

Lesley Brennan : The Economy - Victims of a Fad


February 2013

Lesley Brennan : The End Child Poverty campaign

Lesley Brennan : The Bedroom Tax - Working Together Against it

Lesley Brennan : The Bedroom Tax

Lesley Brennan : The Impact of the SNP's Budget Cuts in Dundee

Lesley Brennan : Dundee's Disposable Household Income

Lesley Brennan : The Cost of a Disease - Diabetes

January 2013

Lesley Brennan : Austerity : Paying the price for the mistaken assumptions of others

December 2012

Lesley Brennan : Dundee as a "creative city"

Lesley Brennan : Why the number of nurses matters

November 2012

Lesley Brennan : Gender Pay Differences in Dundee - and Beyond

Lesley Brennan : Concern over supply of midwives as "retirement bulge" looms

October 2012

Lesley Brennan : Speech opposing closure of Kemback Street Day Centre

Richard McCready : Council should be heard being in support of games industry

September 2012

Lesley Brennan : Austerity threatens to reverse progress towards gender equality for women

August 2012

Lesley Brennan : 5,900 underemployed in Dundee

July 2012

Lesley Brennan : Quarter of a million working hours lost through stress-related illnesses as cuts take toll on health of dedicated NHS workforce

Lesley Brennan : Reckelssly riding roughshod over residents' despair



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