A Four Year Real Terms Fall in Dundee Women's Earnings

Marlyn Glen

10 January 2013

The GMB has just published an analysis of pay rates over the past 4 years which indicate that the fall in the real value of average pay of all employees in employment in the period April 2008 to November 2012 has been 12.8 per cent.

Using the same source of figures as the GMB, ( Office of National Statistics), the following data emerges about the average annual earnings of women in Dundee in the same period.

In Dundee, for women overall, average earnings fell from £18,161 in 2008 to  £17,312 in 2012

For  women working full-time , average earnings fell from £ 23,090 in 2008 to £22,824  in 2012.

For women working part-time, average earnings rose from £9,413 in 2008 to  £9,634 in 2012.

The GMB say that these changes in pay rates have occurred  at a period where overall inflation rose by 14.8 per cent.

So women’s overall earnings in Dundee have not kept pace with inflation with all the consequences that this has for the household budget.

Sir Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England, described the fall in real terms take home pay last January as a "ferocious squeeze in the purchasing power of take-home pay".

"Since 2007, increases in VAT, import prices and energy prices have together pushed up the price level by as much as 15%, squeezing real wages.

“As a result, we have now experienced the longest period over which real wages have failed to rise since the 1920s," he said.

Add to this the latest figure showing that the percentage of economically active women who are in employment in Dundee – 63.5 per cent – is the lowest rate since 2004-05

Add further benefit cuts announced earlier this week and its predicted consequence of a rise in child poverty, soaring energy bills, and  increased fuel costs for travel.

The conclusion is clear - women in this city are paying the price for an out-of-touch Coalition Government that cares little and knows even less about the lives and the needs of women.

How Dundee women's average annual earnings  compare with women  elsewhere in Scotland (in £; in 2012 )






part time

Scotland 19,607 26,191 10,375
Glasgow 19,315 25,651 10,606
Edinburgh 23,887 30,625 11,637
Aberdeen 21,343 28,313 10,956
Dundee 17,312 22,824 9,634


In Dundee, for men overall, average annual earnings rose from £24,537 in 2008 to  £24,692 in 2012

For men working full-time , average annual earnings rose from £27,516  in 2008 to £28,307 in 2012.

Like the women''s average annual earnings reported above, these changes have not kept up with the increase in inflation.

There was insufficient data for men working part-time to compare average annual earnings in 2008 and 2012.


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