Well Done Andy - Now Invest in Sport

12 September 2012 

Councillor Richard McCready has today joined forces with Jenny Marra MSP to congratulate Andy Murray on his victory in the US Open Tennis Championships, they both went on to call for more investment in sports facilities in Dundee, especially tennis facilities.

Councillor Richard McCready said,

“Like many others I watched Andy Murray's victory in the early hours of the morning. 

“I was delighted to see him win. 

“This is a great achievement for him and I hope that it will inspire young people across Dundee and elsewhere to become active in sport and obviously in this instance in tennis. 

“I know that there are tennis courts in Dundee's parks which require a lot of attention. 

“I hope that the council will look to work with Tennis Scotland and others to refurbish the public tennis courts of Dundee so that we can assist anyone inspired by Andy Murray to play tennis to do so easily within the city. 

“We should be looking at ways of developing partnerships which encourage participation in sport, including tennis, and which also nurture talented youngsters who dream of emulating Andy Murray.'

Jenny Marra MSP said,  

“Andy Murray’s win is a dream come true for him and Scotland.

“Our challenge is to let all children in Dundee pursue their dreams and give sport a good go. 

 “I highlighted the appalling state of our tennis courts in Dundee this summer.

 “I hope the Council will now look more urgently at improving these and all the sports facilities in our city so all kids can achieve their potential.”


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