Jim McGovern addresses Dundee Pensioners’ Forum

6 October 2011

Jim McGovern, MP for Dundee West, addressed a full members' meeting of the Dundee Pensioners’ Forum today ( Thursday 6th October ).

Mr McGovern addressed the concerns put to him by the forum ranging from cuts to Winter Fuel Allowance, care for the elderly and the changes to state pensions and the decision to link it from RPI to CPI.

Jim McGovern said,

"I was delighted to be able to come to address the concerns of the Dundee Pensioners’ Forum, who do a fantastic job of representing pensioners in the city."

"They made clear to me they are greatly concerned by the Tory-led government’s decision to roll back Labour’s increase in Winter Fuel Allowance for the elderly, who will see a cut ranging from £50 to £100 a year in support at a time when fuel bills are continuing to increase."

"The forum was also greatly concerned that too little is being done to ensure that care for the elderly is put back on a firm basis."

"The costs associated with care for the elderly are due to increase dramatically over the course of the UK parliament, but neither the Tories nor the SNP have budgeted to support local authorities to maintain these services.

"I made clear my view that we should be following Labour’s proposal to establish a National Care Service, paid for from greater inheritance tax from the very wealthiest, so the long the term future of care is ensured."

"We also discussed the Tory’s shameful decision to link state pensions away from RPI to CPI.

"This will mean less money going to state pension holders and AgeUK have estimated it could increase pensioner poverty by up to 7% over the course of this parliament."

Mr McGovern concluded,

"This was a very productive meeting, and I appreciated the opportunity to hear directly from Dundee’s pensioners how they are suffering because of the ideological cuts from the Tories and the lack of direction from the SNP.

"It is clear that their policies simply aren’t working.

"The Tories must ensure that they do all they can to minimise the damage their cuts are having on pensioners, and SNP must stop focusing solely on gaining new powers from London, but use those they already have to ensure that vital services for pensioners are maintained."

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