Single Fire Service should be based in Dundee

13 September 2011

Labour in Dundee is calling for a proposed single fire service to be headquartered in Dundee.

Labour's Dundee-based MSP Jenny Marra and Labour's Dundee Fire and Rescue spokesperson Councillor Richard McCready have joined forces to call for any new national Fire and Rescue Service to have its headquarters in Dundee.

Councillor Richard McCready said,

"I called for the national headquarters of a National Fire and Rescue Service to be in Dundee in March at a meeting of the Tayside Fire and Rescue Board.

" I was disappointed that it was only Dundee Labour councillors who supported me then.

"I am reiterating the call today following the announcement that the Scottish Government are going to legislate for a single fire service.

"Many people will be concerned that a single service would focus on the central belt.

"This is why I think that the headquarters should be outside the central belt and I think that Dundee would be an excellent choice for the headquarters.

"I said in March that I would continue to champion Dundee's case and that is what I will be doing.'

"It is important that Dundee gets its share of Scottish Government-controlled jobs and I think this is another reason why the national fire and rescue service should be based in Dundee."

Dundee-based MSP Jenny Marra said,

"The National Fire and Rescue Service should be based in Dundee.

"Dundee is ideally placed to be the base for such a national service.

"Dundee is easily accessible to a wide range of the Scottish population.

"If there is to be a national fire service it is important that the message goes out loudly and clearly that it is not about centralisation in the central belt.

"Dundee would be great location for the national headquarters.

"Scottish Labour supports a single fire and rescue service for Scotland but only if it is about protecting the number of frontline firefighters.

"There is already a headquarters building at Tayside Fire and Rescue headquarters, lets look at basing the national service there and investing as much as possible in frontline firefighters who are committed to protecting public safety."

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