Percentage of graduates in local workforce rises

27 May 2013

The percentage of graduates in the Dundee workforce in the age group 25-64 rose last year to 34 per cent, according to new Scottish Government figures.

This represents the highest percentage in the period since 2004.

Laurie Bidwell, Labour’s spokesperson on Education on Dundee City Council described the new figure as “ a statistic to celebrate”.

“It gives a boost to  the city’s self-confidence, makes it more attractive to prospective investors, and it shows the relevance of education in playing a major role in promoting the city’s economic fortunes.

“ There will be some graduates working at levels of underemployment, and further measures are needed to stimulate the local economy to assist them and all other unemployed groups.

“ The city has shown once again that it undoubtedly has the skills to put itself back along the road to  economic recovery.

“ Now it needs the financial investment to provide the opportunity to do so.”

Councillor Lesley Brennan, who works as an economist, said,

“These figures reinforce Dundee’s international image as a growing knowledge economy built on Life Sciences, Digital Media and Creative Industries.

“The higher the percentage of graduates , the higher the earnings , and so the better  for the local economy.

“We must rebalance the economy back towards  manufacturing .

“That means many more graduates will be needed in science , technology , engineering and mathematics as we work towards raising the number of jobs in manufacturing in Dundee.”

“I am aware that there will be some graduates working locally who are underemployed which is a compelling reason for more high quality jobs for all in Dundee.”

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