Zero Hours Contracts

Phil Welsh

Zero Hours Contracts

What’s all the fuss regarding zero hour contracts?

After all,  "Zero-hours contracts are a low proportion of the workforce, they provide a route into employment and flexibility for staff.

“They benefit business, consumers and taxpayers by keeping costs down and they boost productivity, allowing the efficient use of labour.

“Those who always know best for individuals are against them.”

Of course this view is not espoused by the majority of rational fair-minded individuals; this is the view of the morally deficient Tory MP - Jacob Rees- Mogg.

Zero hours contracts are simply a reintroduction of a Victorian employment solution, weighted completely in the employers favour.

Intriguingly enough the fetishism enjoyed by employees waiting by the phone, unsure of how many hours they will be asked to work or indeed if they will be required to work any, enhances Mogg’s belief that, “It is surely better to trust people to decide for themselves." 

Indeed, Mr Mogg there must be a large percentage of employees who, given the choice, would opt to remain within the generous terms and conditions offered in zero hour contracts.

To the employer, zero hour contracts remove the necessity of paying the employment agency to send a temp.

To the employee, zero hour contracts create uncertainty and angst.

Regular bills with irregular hours simply lead to undue stress and worry.

The irony in all of this must be the personal choice each individual really has.

To actively seek work immaterial of the contract status or remove themselves completely from the labour market and claim unemployment benefit, the former vigorously upheld by the Tories as the obvious choice; simply because, Cameron, Osborne and Clegg frequently remind us that work should pay.

Where exactly is the incentive to work when the contract offered is a zero hour one?

Whether it’s flipping burgers, selling training shoes or pulling pints, employees should enjoy the same terms and conditions that many of us take for granted.

The Labour Party can be proud of its achievements over the years in regard to employment law.

The Minimum Wage, statutory holiday entitlement and stronger equality and diversity legislation etc, has enhanced the employment experience of thousands of low paid workers.

Let us continue to fight for stronger and fairer employment rights and let us constantly remind the Tories that we are the party who will stand up for the low waged, the part time worker and the temp.

Under the Labour Party work will indeed pay.



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