Buried Report on Ninewells Published

Richard McCready

1 March 2013

Today my colleague Jenny Marra MSP published the report which was written about care of the older patients in Ninewells Hospital but which has been hidden. 

It is important that people can have confidence in the services they receive from Ninewells and that management take very seriously concerns when they are raised. 

As I have said previously in all my dealings with Ninewells Hospital I have been very impressed with their work.

The report may well have had flaws as NHS Tayside claim but I have to say that you never hear of organisations complaining about the standards of a report if the report is positive. 

I want to ensure that people in Dundee and right across Tayside can have confidence in the NHS services they or their families receive. 

A robust inspection scheme should be in the interests of staff, patients and management. 

Such a scheme should deliver an improved service for the people of Tayside.

Jenny Marra has done the people of Tayside a service by trying to shed some light on this area of the health service. 

We need to be certain that there are not problems in services for older people at Ninewells.

Trying to hide a report does not give us that certainty. 

NHS Tayside and the Scottish Government need transparency and openness in their dealings public.


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