City Council Meetings

Richard McCready

1 November 2013 

Monday evening saw the October meeting of Dundee City Council and its various committees. 

At the Environment Committee I spoke about plans to bring a Mountain Bike Skills Trail to Templeton Woods.  

I hope that the trail is a success.

I was concerned about the impact on other users of Templeton Woods and whether increased bike use of the area might cause more ware an tear on the paths in the area. 

I also asked about what happens to young people who develop skills and enthusiasm in mountain biking. 

I also asked about the Scottish Government's consultation on 'A Strategy to Tackle and Prevent Litter and Flytipping. 

I was concerned that the council were suggesting that there was an equivalence between littering and dog fouling.   

I think that the council needs to take the issue of dog fouling much more seriously. 

I was also concerned about suggestions that consumers be surcharged for excessive packaging of goods they bought.   

I think that we need to limit the level of packaging of goods. 

It is important that manufacturers and retailers limit the amount of packaging and ensure that packaging is only produced when absolutely necessary.

At the City Development Committee I raised my concerns about plans to spend up to £1million pounds on refurbishing offices for the Environment Department. 

My main concern was the lack of detail.  

In the council's Capital Plan there are plans to spend millions on building a new  headquarters for the Environment Department at Marchbanks. 

We have been told that these plans are being ditched but they still remain as the council's policy. 

A much more detailed report was required.

It does beg the question as to whether the SNP Administration take council committees seriously or not.

They do have the votes to push anything they want through the committee but they should do the whole council the courtesy of reporting openly on proposals.

The council agreed to Dundee's Single Outcome Agreement

There is a lot of good partnership work going on at this time in Dundee. 

The focus of the Single Outcome Agreement is  on 'jobs and the economy, social inclusion and quality of life.'  

 I think that there is a need to focus on delivery in terms of this, we have had talks about jobs it is time that jobs were delivered for people in Dundee. 

We must also ensure that the Waterfront redevelopment and the V & A at Dundee make a real difference to everyone in Dundee and that these bring prosperity to whole city.