Action on the Tay Tax Welcome

Richard McCready

5 April 2013

I welcome the moves by the Scottish Government to reduce train fares to and from Dundee. 

 long with Labour colleagues like Jenny Marra I have been campaigning on this important issue. 

 The Tay Tax was unacceptable and it is only right that this anomaly is being removed.

It is important to
Dundee's future that we have the best transport links possible. 

Important in this is the frequency of services as well as the cost of services. 

The return price to Glasgow of £50.50 is just ridiculous and does nothing to encourage people to move from cars to trains. 

If Dundee wants to attract visitors to the city for the V & A at Dundee or the National Football Academy which will surely come our way in due course then we need to have better rail services.

I think that we should be looking to improve the services we have making them slightly more affordable is a step in the right direction, but we need to look for more. 

The improvements which will come at the rail station are welcome but we must have more regular services and I would like to see local services along the Tay for example. 

It is good that the Scottish Government has listened to concerns raised by Labour politicians and others in

This is how the Scottish Government should work. 

It would have been good if they had listened on the bedroom tax for example and I am sure that they will listen on the issue of the National Football Academy.


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