Dundee Economic Summit

Richard McCready

6 June 2013

This week I have attended the second Dundee Economic Summit

I was pleased to be there because it is important that everyone with the best interests of the city at heart work together to promote the economy of the city, especially jobs.

The event today was well attended and it was good to meet a number of people who are working together to promote the economy of the city. 

There was an excellent contribution from Herman Twickler, the Managing Director of PressureFab Group which is based within my ward. 

He made a very strong case for more modern apprenticeships and especially made the case for manufacturing. 

Mr Twickler also commented upon the uncertainty in the run-up to the independence referendum. 

My view is that it is important that we get to the point where we are talking about what is important to people, on issues like jobs rather than on constitutional discussion.

Professor Pete Downes, the Principal of the University of Dundee, gave a very interesting talk on the role of higher education and of the University of Dundee in particular in promoting the economy of the city. 

He pointed out that the university had a role to work both locally and internationally, and he pointed to the quote from Professor Patrick Geddes, one of the university's early professors, who coined the phrase, 'Think globally - act locally.'

I was pleased to see the launch of the Discover Opportunities Employer Pledge today. 

This is about maximising the life chances of our young people and adults, supporting business growth and developing Dundee's economy.

The City Council's Director of City Development Mike Galloway gave an update on the exciting plans for Dundee's Waterfront

Professor Beatriz Plaza from the University of the Basque Country gave an excellent presentation on the experience of Bilbao after the coming of the Guggenheim Museum. 

This was very interesting and offered a lot of food for thought for the city once the V & A comes to Dundee

There was also an  interesting presentation on the cultural regeneration of Gateshead and Newcastle and its economic impact.

I thought that the summit was very interesting and it was good to hear about a lot of the work which is going on. 

It clearly makes the point that we all have to work together to promote the city and its economy. 

Jobs have been and remain my number one priority and it is important that we work together to bring jobs to our city. 

I am looking for action on this now.

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