It Shouldn't Happen Here 

Richard McCready

6 September 2012 

I was appalled to read the report published today by Save the Children entitled It Shouldn't Happen Here

This came the day after  Citizens Advice Scotland published a report which highlighted an increase in the number of  people relying on food parcels.

I am clear that no political party is without fault when it comes to dealing with poverty in this country. 

I think that it is important that we ensure that every child in the UK gets the chance to fulfil their full potential. 

Allowing children to grow up in poverty can often limit that child's life choices at an early age
Politics is about priorities; my priority is the eradication of poverty both in the
UK and across the world. 

I understand that this is very difficult and that St Paul would tell us that the poor will always be with us, but if we do not set out to make society fair then we will never achieve a better society.

I think that Dundee would be an even better place to live in if there was less poverty in Dundee

This would make a real difference to the lives of everyone in Dundee not just the poor.

The best way to prevent child poverty is to ensure that parents are in jobs that pay a Living Wage.

This is why I will continue to make the case that the City Council and others should pay the Living Wage.

Please take a look at the Save the Children video here and consider supporting the their campaign.



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