Concern at Ninewells Car Parking Charge  Increase

6 October 2011

Councillor Richard McCready

Visitors and staff attempting to avoid the charges cause parking problems in the West End and on the other side of the hospital in Menzieshill.

Charging for car parking at Ninewells was a mistake and it is no use focusing on the history of who did what and when but rather we should be focusing on the way ahead.

The Scottish Government says that car parking should be free at hospitals, they should implement their own policy in Dundee.

I would be happy to work with anyone to achieve the goal of abolishing car parking charges at Ninewells.

There is no such thing as a free car parking place, costs are involved.

Through our taxes we are all paying for free car parking at hospitals across Scotland, in places such as Perth.

The difference is that people using Ninewells Hospital do not benefit from free car parking.

Ninewells Hospital does have good public transport links and these should be encouraged, but public transport does not always suit the hours of some people working in this vast complex.

For some people who are visiting as patients it may not be appropriate for them to use public transport.

All I want for the people I represent is equity.

The photograph above shows cars parked in Ninewells Avenue avoiding the charges.