Remembering Hiroshima  - Never Let It Happen Again

Richard McCready

7 August 2013

On Tuesday evening I joined others walking to the top of the Law to commemorate the anniversary of the dropping of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. 

I always try to attend this event which has been going on since 1981.

I am opposed to nuclear weapons and I am determined to work to create a world where there are no nuclear weapons.

In one of my previous jobs I campaigned against the replacement of trident nuclear weapons. 

You can read my contribution to the debate on the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons from the Scotsman in 2007, whilst this article is from the viewpoint of Scotland's churches I remain convinced that the replacement of Trident is wrong from a variety of points of view both religious and secular.

It was good to be joined by my colleagues Jenny Marra MSP, Councillor Laurie Bidwell, Councillor Lesley Brennan and Councillor Brian Gordon as well as Councillor John Alexander. 

It was also good to see people from a variety of political parties, trade unions, and faith groups taking part in the event.

We should never forget the devastation caused by the Hiroshima bombing and we should be looking for a way to bring a lasting peace to the world. 

We really should be looking to turn swords into ploughshares and find more productive ways of using the vast resources which nuclear arms cost each year.


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