Action needed against Blacklisting

Richard McCready

8 February 2013


I am concerned about growing evidence that proves that blacklisting has been widespread in the construction industry. 

My trade union, the GMB, has produced compelling evidence of this practice.  (link)

It is just wrong that people have been denied jobs as a result of their trade union activity. 

I have written to the Chief Executive of Dundee City Council seeking reassurances that the City Council has a policy against blacklisting and that the council will not let contracts to companies which continue to operate blacklists. 

I have written to the Chief Executive of Dundee City Council asking about the City Council’s policy on companies which have operated a blacklist.

I think that it would be wrong for public money to be given to companies which have sacked workers or refused to employ them on the basis of their trade union activity. We must have fairness.

Money from the public purse should be used wisely but I do not think that we can condone the practices of companies which operate blacklists.

I hope that the council has a policy which means that contracts will only be given to companies which have open, transparent and fair employment practices.

I look forward to hearing about Dundee City Council’s policy and if necessary take action.

My colleague Jim McGovern MP for Dundee West has also written to the Chief Executive of Dundee City Council and Cullum McAlpine Director of Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd. to inquire into the level of local employment currently being undertaken in the waterfront development.

Jim McGovern has also written to Malmasion urging the use of the local workforce as the chain aims to open its new hotel in Dundee later this year.

Mr McGovern stated, “While I do not know if blacklisting is a current practice on site of the waterfront development constituents of mine who are Dundee based often raise the issue that the project needs brickies, sparkies and plumbers but yet no jobs for them seem to be forthcoming.”

Mr McGovern continued, “With the Government’s welfare to work programme failing to help the vast majority of those in Dundee who are unemployed we should use any opportunity such as the redevelopment on the waterfront as a way to reduce the unemployment that is currently blighting our communities.

"In looking forward I hope that the council has a plan to boost local employment through the opportunities that will arise through the development"


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