Biomass Plant - Robust Scrutiny Required

Richard McCready

9 April 2013

I am calling for open, robust and transparent scrutiny of the proposals for the Biomass Plant in Dundee's docks.  

There are many different aspects of this need to be examined. 

I have previously raised my concerns about this project. 

There needs to be scrutiny of the proposals in terms of their impact on the environment, both in Dundee and in the areas where the fuel will come from and the impact of the transport of the fuel.

We also need to examine in detail the jobs claims made about these proposals.

I am clear that the council has a duty to promote jobs but we also have a duty to protect the environment and we need to ensure that the balance between the two is correct.

We must also listen to the people of Dundee.

When these proposals first came forward many thousands of local people made plain their opposition to the proposals, we need to gauge the views of local people before these proposals can go forward.

There is a lot of information in the media today from the people behind the scheme we need to balance that with access to information from people opposed to the scheme.

We can expect energy companies to put forward the best case for them to be allowed to operate a biomass plant in Dundee.

But we must also look at some of the other pages in  papers this week where we see energy companies being fined for misleading the public.

This is why robust scrutiny is what is required on this very important issue for the people of Dundee.


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