West End Community Council - Fortnightly Bin Collections

Richard McCready

11 June 2014

On Tuesday night I attended the June meeting of the West End Community Council

The main item was a presentation on the changes to bin collections in the city. 

The presentation was very interesting and made clear the need to change and improve the recycling record of the city.

As with everything the devil will be in the detail. 

I maintain that the efforts that are now starting to inform and consult with the public should have happened in advance of the final decision being made and not after it. 

 The presentation was in quite general terms and it is important that the next stage of the consultation gives people the actual details of what will happen at their property.

In the West End, and elsewhere in the city, the biggest issue around recycling is about how to deal with tenements and other flats. 

This will be a major challenge. 

It is important that a great effort is made to ensure that recycling is made available to people who live in flats.

I hope that Dundee improves its recycling record and it is important that the council's communication and consultation gets it right and makes sure that people understand the scheme and have bought into it. 

Much of the West End (including where I live) will be in the first phase of the new recycling scheme. 

 I'll be keeping a close eye on this and ensuring that the council listens to the concerns of local people.